The Problems of the Social Economy in the United States of America

The Problems of the Social Economy in the United States of America – The United States of America is one of the biggest countries in the world. Since it’s a big country, it also has several problems related to the social-economic condition. The problems of the social condition are correlated with education, health, housing, and crime. On the other hand, the problems of the economy are correlated with poverty, income levels, and employment. However, talking about social conditions cannot be separated from economic conditions. Each of them is related to each other. Therefore, the understanding of social economic problems is needed.

One of the biggest problems that cause other social economic problems is the poverty level. The Gini coefficient of the USA is 45. It is indicated that there is a big difference between rich and poor people. This difference may be caused by their economic systems. The liberal system can provide more privilege to the rich people since they have more capital. However, poor people are restricted since they don’t have the capital for gaining profit. This makes a big gap between rich and poor people in the term of wealth. This condition will also make the gap in other life’s aspect such as education, health, and income. The situation is worsen by many gambling issue, which can be seen from visitors at one of the gambling sites is increasing and the unemployment level also can affect the social economic condition in the USA. Well, ethnicity is also correlated to the inequality of the unemployment rates. In 2016, the unemployment rates are 4.6% for White people, 6.1% for Hispanic, 9.0% for Black people, and 3.8% for Asian people. Meanwhile, the employment rates are about 60.1% for White people, 61.2% for Hispanics, 54.8% for Black people, and 60.5% for the Asian people. On the other hand, employment also can lead to the rate of the household. The data shows that median household income by ethnic groups is proportional to the data of unemployment rates. The Asian with the lowest unemployment rate achieve the highest median household income that is followed by White and Hispanic people. Meanwhile, the Black people with the highest unemployment rates get the lowest median household income.

The Problems of the Social Economy in the United States of America

The inequality of educational attainment also can be correlated with the diversity of ethnicity. The data statistic show that White American and Asian people surpass the graduation rate of the Hispanic, African American, and Native Americans. This condition is caused by several factors such as income level, the suitably qualified teachers, shortage of resources, and the chance for continuing study.

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