The Social Economy Condition of the United States of America

The Social Economy Condition of the United States of America – United States of America (USA) is one of the greatest countries in the world. Like other countries, the USA also has its own social economy condition that will be different from other countries. The USA also has some problems regarding their social-economic condition. The first one is the economic system in the USA. This country applies the liberal system as its economic system. The liberal systems will allow rich people who have more capital than poor people to gain some privilege. It can help them to gain more and more capital in the process. On the other hand, poor people have some restrictions. They don’t have a lot of capital so that they can only be an employee that needs to obey all of the company’s rule. This condition will lead to the big difference between the rich and the poor people. This difference can be seen by using the Gini coefficient. This coefficient will show the inequality income of the poor and rich in a country. The range of coefficient will start from 0 – 100. The 0 shows complete equality. Meanwhile, the 100 shows complete inequality. According to the United Nations (UN), the Gini coefficient of the USA is 45 and it still can increase the future. It shows that the USA still faces the extreme inequality of its citizens.

The second one is the unemployment level. Even though the USA is one of the wealthiest countries, it still has some problems regarding employment. Well, the unemployment level can be related to the education background level and ethnicity. The people with a doctorate background or professional level can get the highest income rate in the nation. Meanwhile, people with a bachelor’s degree can get the median income level. The people who graduated from high school and attend the college but not graduated from there can get almost median income levels. Meanwhile, the people who don’t go to school or graduate from high school get the lowest income level.

The Social Economy Condition of the United States of America

The ethnicity of the USA can be also correlated with the inequality of unemployment level, education, and poverty. The data on unemployment level in 2016 shows the different values of each ethnic that are 4.6% for White people, 6.1% of Hispanics, 9.0% of Black people, and 3.8% of Asians. The different education levels also can be correlated to ethnicity. The high school graduation rates in 2013 show that 83% of White people, 71.4% of Hispanics, 66.1% of Black people, 93.5% of Asians, and 69.1% of Native Americans.

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