99 Percent Against 1 Percent: OWS Hope for Equality

Many other countries see that the USA is a powerful country that made so many decisions that in the end affect the whole world. However, the situation inside this powerful country itself is not as good as what is seen from the outside. So there is a movement to speak out this problem, OWS hope for equality.
• 99 Percent Against 1 Percent
This number may make people think that this movement will win. However, this slogan highlighted their suffering. The 99 percent of US citizens are included as poor people with minimum wage. Even some of them cannot get the right to get their minimum wage after working for a long shift. However, the one percent is the rich and powerful people who can make money out of nothing. They become richer and do not care about other people in need.

• Worse Social Condition
The slogan does not only highlight the economy condition but also the social condition. The 99 percent of US citizen is powerless against the one percent. They can do nothing when the one percent already gives out the rule.

Many people hoped that the one percent citizen will speak up for the 99% since they are more powerful. But it turns out that those one percent do nothing. So that is why Occupy Wall Street was held can is continuously held. It is the 99 percent’s hope to make a better condition for them. They took over the area of Wall Street so they can be heard well by the government and the world. Although they are not successful yet, they still have the spirit of equality.

Maybe they win of number, 99% against 1%, yet they should hold this protest continuously so that the OWS hope for equality can be reached. Just don’t give up and keep screaming “We are the 99 percent”!

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