Controversial Issues During Occupy Wall Street Movement

Controversial Issues During Occupy Wall Street Movement – Occupy Wall Street is a protest movement initiated by Kalle Lasn and Micah White in 2011. The movement has had its ups and downs, but it still exists up to this day. The protesters demand equal social and economical in the US and nowadays, more than 1500 countries have continued this movement. Although they want better things for the US, they also created some controversial issues during the protests. Here are the notable issues from this movement.
– Wrong Representation
The infamous slogan of this movement is “We are the 99%,” which means that the protesters belong to the 99% of the lower class and minorities. They stated that they represented them to voice their demands. However, some believe that it is a wrong claim because most of the protesters are white, and not many are from immigrant representation, African Americans, and others.

They claim that this movement lack of diversity so that it fails to claim the 99%, the minorities. But, others also claim that this movement has “a very progressive representative” that will likely catch more attention to achieve the goals. Like the online gambling site, it caught the attention and made the statement pretty successfully.

– No Clear Goal
The next issue related to the goal of the movement. Some argue that this movement doesn’t really have a clear goal; that’s why they didn’t achieve any legislative changes. They believe that the movement is only conducted to express their anger or disappointment to Wall Street in general. To achieve the goals, the movement should have one or set of goals so that it can be more concentrated. But, some also believe that their demands are quite clean and they can be the advantages of such movement.

Controversial Issues During Occupy Wall Street Movement– No Significant Changes
The movement caught more attention in the past years, but some also mentioned that this movement doesn’t bring any institutional changes, both in Corporate America and banks. They mention that the regulation won’t be made for the short term, and it will be bad for the economy in the long run. Even if the demands of the protesters are granted, it will only create a worse financial crisis in the US. In short, a movement like this will only bring drawbacks in the future time; that’s why this movement doesn’t really reach their goal.

Although the movement received different reactions, but the protesters still continue it up to this day. Their demands are quite clear, which are to create social and economic equality for the people in the US.

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