How was the OWS Emerged?

When you see a march or demonstration, have you ever thought about the causes? Well, smoke will never exist without fire, this also the case of demonstration. Said as the biggest demonstration ever, OWS or Occupying Wall Street also have strong causes as the base. However, how was the OWS emerged?
• The Economy Condition Getting Worse
The main reason for this movement is that because the economic condition in the US and other countries getting worse than before. In that time, there were problems such as the price is really high, but the people were struggling to get the minimum wage. So many labourers didn’t get their rights and in the end, was fired in order to make the company survived.
On the other hand, many people from the high-class society became richer than before. They can still make money and seem didn’t care about the lower and middle-class people’s condition. This made the gap between rich and poor people greater and also made living in the US difficult.
• Bad Effect on Social Side
The economic condition in the US affected the social condition too. It seemed that democracy has vanished from the country. Why? Because rich people can play the law with their money and power. They can persuade the government to make some laws that only be beneficial for them and these laws usually became the disadvantage for poor people.
The government didn’t care about the condition of poor people and they didn’t want to listen to them. So many demonstrations were done in some states back then, but the government just seemed to ignore them.
• Mass Demonstration
Many of the US citizens then take a part of this OWS massive demonstration. In 2011, there were around 20.000 people joined this massive movement and they camped in a park near Wall Street and World Trade Center.

They were inspired by the massive demonstration that had been done in Arabian countries which were called “Arab Spring”. They had similar protests and want to do the demonstration peacefully, without any violence. This “Arab Spring” could be counted as a success, so people who join OWS also hoped that this movement can get similar success.

The reason behind how was the OWS emerged was really strong. Many people took a part in that action, not only because of their own need but also they want a better condition for other countries which affected by the condition in the US.

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