OWS, an Action to Change the USA Economic and Social Condition

OWS was a protest which was held in Wall Street, Washington DC, in September 2011. They protested against capitalism in the US and did the camp action in the heart of US economy activities. Not only that, but this protest also has a mission that OWS, an action to change the USA economic and social condition.
• The Economic Mission
This Occupy Wall Street protest, of course, has an economic mission that they carry while camping and try to occupy the heart of the US economy. According to them, Wall Street is the symbol of rat which becomes fatter and fatter, make the gap between the rich people and the ordinary people much further than before. It creates ordinary people’s life much more complicated.

• The Social Mission
They felt that the majority of US citizen is people without enough income but their voice was not listened by the government. On the other hand, the minority, the rich people, have been listened well. This was a bad thing according to them.

They believe that this way affects the country’s way of seeing the social aspects of a case. It also seems that money can solve everything, that is why rich people can easily change the rules of this country.

• Take the “Arab Spring” as the Example
This kind of protest is not the first one happened in the world. Actually, OWS takes the example from Arab Spring which did similar things when they protest to their government. OWS also did the same thing because they wanted to restore US democracy without any violence.

Was it successful that OWS, an action to change the USA economic and social condition? Well, apparently they didn’t make a major change that time but they indeed affected a lot of people to join them and to care more on the society.

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