The Appearance of Social Mobilization: Occupy Wall Street

As we all know, the social movement history happened in the 19th century has focused on three kinds of movements, that is, Marxism, utopian socialism, and anarchism. These three social movements have become very prominent in the US society and continued to today’s activism and organizations of the community. One of the organizations influenced by these three movements is known as Occupy Wall Street.

– The Influence of Social Mobilization
The crisis of economy which happened in 2008 has questioned the banks’ and Wall Street’s legitimacy as well as uncovered the destruction of financial capital. Nonetheless, far before the economic crisis, the problem in poverty, persistent unemployment, and also the income inequalities have raised since 1970s.

After quite long grueling experience on these problems, there has been a massive turn on the public opinion to fight against the government because of the releasing Wall Street and also the ignorance on the devastated economic crisis of people on the main street by having so many job losses and also foreclosures.

– The Appearance of the Community Movement
Right after this economic crisis in 2008, people started to begin protesting against the insurance companies and banks like AIG. Due to the weakening of the community movements and also the protest’s political culture in the Unites States, there were not many people paying attention to this protest. The recognition of the protest movement on the legitimacy crisis takes quite long time.

Occupy Movement has started its first protest in New York in September. This protest has soon begun to spread to all over United States. The protest started from a small group pf people or activists who occupied the Zuccotti Park and targeted the Wall Street firms’ roles in the neighborhoods. This was one of the clever tactics done by this movement to occupy the public squares.

The Appearance of Social Mobilization, Occupy Wall Street

The members of this have come from various fields such as community organizations, environmental groups, labor unions and also students. Many students who are just in touch with the political action happen to be the front lines in this movement. These students have been in cooperation with the knowledgeable activists of the economic justice. They have learned lots of things on how to seek for justice in the United States.

This is how the Occupy Wall Street movement has become very famous and has lots of active members who are to speak the equality in human rights and economy in Wall Street, in particular.

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