The OWS Protest in September 2011 to Make Economy Condition Even

The OWS Protest in September 2011 to Make Economy Condition Even
The economic condition in the economic centre of the USA, Wall Street in Washington DC is problematic. That area is mastered by the high-class society who is rich. However, those rich people are only 1% of the whole citizens of the USA. So, there was the OWS protest in September 2011 to make economy condition even.
• What Do They do?
This OWS is an abbreviation for Occupy Wall Street. A lot of people came to the Wall Street area and try to occupy the areas by camping there. They wished to stop the USA economic activity since they occupy the centre of US capitalism.

They were camping in Zuccotti Park, two blocks in the north of Wall Street and one block away from World Trade Centre which was bombed on 11 September 2001, that was why the participants chose the date 17 September 2011, they wanted to commemorate that tragedy along with their aim.

They camped there for three weeks before finally dismissed themselves. They wore unique costumes to attract media and also held posters such as OWS: for a Better World. Some of them also do the silent protest by covering their mouth with money.

• The Slogan
They were known for the slogan “We are the 99%” which means that they belong to 99% people of America but their incomes were much much less than the minority, 1% of the society, the rich people.

They argued that it is not fair when the major change in the USA was affected by those 1% people. They also argued that those 1% people affected the way of US see cultures and humanity which worse than before.
the OWS protest in September 2011 to make the economy condition even was not really successful in turning the condition into what they hope. However, this protest puts a major effect on American citizens and many of them still continue this protest.

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