The Problems of Inequality in the USA

The Problems of Inequality in the USA – The United States of America or the USA is a country that consists of many states, ethnicities, ages, and groups. Since it has a very high diversity level, there will be a lot of problems that are correlated to the degree of inequality. The problems may come from poverty, education, household, health, and others. Each problem doesn’t stand individually. It is correlated with each other and form complex national problems.

The inequality of the USA can be seen in the Gini coefficient. The USA gets 45 of this Gini coefficient. Meanwhile, the UK only gets 34. It means that the inequality in the USA is bigger than in the UK. One of the biggest problems is the inequality in wealth and income levels. The USA uses liberal systems as its economic systems. The result of this system can make a big difference between rich people and poor people. The rich people have more access to expand their economic level and get more profit. On the other hand, poor people without enough capital can only get the minimum income. This condition can lead to the high inequality of the nation. In addition, it also can affect the difference in education level in the USA. The rich people will get easy access to continue their studies at a prestigious university. However, poor people may need to pass a lot of trouble in order to get a scholarship and continue their studies. Another problem is the difference between rural and urban areas. In 2010, there was a rapid movement of the people to move from rural areas to urban areas. It can be seen in the population of the urban area that is higher than in 2000. On the contrary, the population of the rural area in 2010 is lower than its population in 2000. This movement has some advantages and disadvantages. It will increase the economic growth in the urban area and real estate price. However, it also can cause some problems related to the house and transportations. The increasing population will lead to an increase in vehicle demand. As a result, there will be more traffic jams and population.

The Problems of InequalityThe inequality also can be correlated to ethnicity in the USA. The big group of ethnicities in the USA consists of native America, White People, Black People, Asians, and Hispanics. The unfair regulation can lead to the inequality of the ethnicities that will affect their life. Therefore, a wise and fair regulation is needed to create a fair social-economic condition of the nation.

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