Why did People Join OWS?

OWS or Occupy Wall Street was a kind of demonstration, held in September, 17th 2011. This movement was claimed as one demonstration in the US with the biggest mass ever. For about 20.000 people joined this movement and camped in the park, near Wall Street and World Trade Center building. Why did people join OWS? What were they fighting for?
• To Express Their Opinion
OWS could persuade around 20.000 people to do this movement. Although they already set the goals and their slogan, people who joined this movement also want to express their own opinion. This was a chance for people to say whatever their opinion was, especially in the matter of bad economy and social condition in the US and worldwide.

They came with so many slogans and even unique costumes, to get the attention, from the government and also from the media. In the past years, OWS also became the place where the artist can show their expression through the art performances. Not only that, but this movement was also a chance to open others’ eyes about the current condition in the US.

• They Feel the Same
The goal, set up by the OWS is to fight economy and social inequality without any violence. They won’t make the condition worse than that point in 2011. Many people feel the same thing as the OWS’ participants, especially they who were in the US. Then, they decided to join this mass movement in the hope that change may happen.

• Just Follow Other People
This OWS movement was held almost more than 30 days. Many people that tried their best to survive in those days with just a minimalist camp in the centre of the US economy. However, among those people who really cried for the equality of economy and social condition, there were some people who just there because they followed other people.
This what is said as the mob, they just follow other people, just being impulsive without really know what was the goal of this movement. However, thanks to them, OWS could be the demonstration which is considered as the big one. Although this movement was not successful to make some changes in the US, OWS has already been an inspiration for other movements.

Why did people join then? Well, they have many different reasons for that. But the sure thing is that this movement has already given a great influence for many people to fight what they want and to unite so you can help each other and reach your goals.

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