Why Occupy Wall Street Exists

Why Occupy Wall Street Exists – Occupy Wall Street is a movement to protest about different things. The movement started small with only 200 people joined at that time. The movement grows bigger and more than 1500 cities around the world joined this movement. The movement began in 2011 and it still exists up to this day. But why this movement exists? Here are the reasons.

– The Beginning of the Movement
Let’s look back in 2011 when the root of this movement began. The founder of Adbusters, Kalle Lasn, and the editor, Micah White, initiated the movement. Both of them and the rest of the team created a poster and wrote the background of the protest. The editor made a Twitter account @OccupyWallStNYC and started to spread #OCCUPYWALLSTREET and it becomes as viral as those online games in. The movement attracted around 200 people who gather together at Tompkins Square Park in New York City on September 17, 2011.

However, in 2012, the group attempted to celebrate the 6-month anniversary by taking over Zuccotti Park once again. But, the police took over the movement and arrested 70 of the members. The arrest was one of the most brutal actions done by the police and it was marked as the collapse of the protest. In the upcoming years, surprisingly, more and more movement was initiated around the world.

– Demands
This movement becomes big, and some are questioning the demands of the protesters. The main demands are social and economic equality for all people. They demand that everyone has the same chance to voice their ideas in public, have the right to own property, and have the same access to social services and social goods. In terms of economy, they also demand the fair income distribution and distribution of wealth.

They demand these two points because the gap between the rich and the poor in the US is wider. They claim that they are the 99%, the poor, while the rich are only 1%. Their claim was confirmed by CBO or Congressional Budget Office in 2011. Others also studied the protesters’ demands, and it was found that the inequality in the US had increased over the past 40 years and they understood why such movement rose.
Occupy Wall Street demands one thing for sure, which is to create equality between the rich and the poor. They want the government to provide more job opportunities and reduce the economic gap. Through this movement, let’s hope that great changes come to the country.

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